Tax season doesn't need to be a stressful time. Let us help. 


Personal Tax Returns


There are many online programs you can use to file your taxes, but a program doesn't have access to information that the user doesn't know to give it. Our partners have studied the tax code for 20 years, and know the right questions to ask to ensure you pay the lowest legal tax on your income, by maximizing all available deductions and credits. Additionally, we can help you plan for your future, taking into account the financial effects of marriage, children, college tuition, medical expenses and retirement. If you have not filed taxes in the past, either missing one year or several, we can also help get you back on track.

Download our simple tax organizer to see where you stand for the upcoming year. 


Deductions and Credits

With all of the information in the news, and discussion among your friends and coworkers, do you ever feel like you're not taking advantage of all of the tax breaks that you could be? Here is a sampling of the available deductions and credits that may apply to your situation.

Property Owners

Has your current tax account let you know that you may have some gain from "recaptured depreciation" when you sell your property? And what is recaptured depreciation? We can help plan the purchase and disposition of your rental property, navigating technical and logistical nuances along the way. 

Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs

Each type of business entity has tax advantages and disadvantages. If you are already incorporated, we can help you maximize the advantages of your situation, while minimizing potential downsides. If you are still considering incorporation, let our team help you decide which business model fits your lifestyle, business practices and goals. 


Small Business Tax Returns

An unincorporated business can have many potential pitfalls for the tax payer, but it is sometimes the best choice nonetheless. We can set up your estimated tax payment schedule - so you don't get hit with a huge bill in April, maximize your home office and auto deductions - making your funds go further, and make sure that you don't owe Uncle Sam at year end.


Non-Profits, Estates, and Trusts 

All three of these entities involve complex tax rules, requiring special expertise. We have years of experience ensuring our clients are in compliance with federal and state regulations. While each non-profit organization has a different purpose, making sure that you are using proper accounting procedures, documentation, and expense classification will keep you from receiving "love notes" from the government.