Method Consulting

What is Method?

Rather than having to choose from business apps that already exist, what if you could create your own? Method CRM allows you to do just that. Method is a customer relations manager that integrates fully with Quickbooks Online, and all Quickbooks Desktop solutions. It is available in both out-of-the box and custom tailored versions, allowing you to use it however YOU need it. Method can adapt to a variety of workflows, meeting your needs because it's been programmed for your needs. As Method consultants, we seek to match our customers with Method apps that support your business model, or to create an app from scratch if that's what it takes to meet your specifications. Whether you're a non-profit looking to organize donations, a retail store trying to keep track of inventory, or a real-estate agent designing the perfect client database, Method has the tools to build your ideal app.     

Extending Your Reach

Method fully embraces responsive design, so you are able to access and utilize your apps on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or phone - that you use in your business workflow. You can use your apps to provide estimates for clients at job sites, or check your inventory levels from anywhere in the world. Never get locked out of another bank or credit card sign in page again - with Method's Logins app, keep track of all of your own info, as well as that of your clients. Method brings your business to you, wherever you are. 

One of the key steps to becoming a Firm of the Future and building an Epic Practice is getting on the cloud and using these apps. By using apps that are built to help accounting professionals like you, not only will your practice become more efficient, you’ll have first-hand knowledge of the apps that will enable your small business clients to succeed.
— Kaitlin Forbes, How Technology is Changing the Game for Small Business Advisors

Customizing Quickbooks and Improving Its Capabilities 

While Quickbooks is already a powerful program, equipped to track and report on hundreds of variables, Method still manages to improve on it. Method uses real time syncing to keep your Quickbooks file up to date - no matter how many changes you make. You can import huge lists of information, such as new prospects, vendors or employees directly into your Quickbooks file without having to worry about formatting. Method takes the incredible data crunching power of Quickbooks and allows you to funnel huge amounts of information into it, any time, any place.